Big Kansas Road Trip offers chance to shine

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Big Kansas Road Trip will benefit its communities

Let’s get ready to shine! The second-annual Big Kansas Road Trip will come to Sherman, Cheyenne and Wallace Counties May 2-5, 2019. People will be coming from all over our state, region and beyond to see and enjoy who we are and what we have. The road trip impact will be very positive.

Getting ready to explore during the Big Kansas Road Trip

Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) Executive Director Donna Price, Colby CVB Executive Director Julie Saddler, WaKeeney Travel & Tourism Executive Director Cathy Albert and Sherman County CVB Public Relations Manager Roxie Yonkey are ready to explore during 2018’s Big Kansas Road Trip.

Hundreds came to the first Big Kansas Road Trip

“Hundreds of people came to the initial Big Kansas Road Trip,” Donna Price, Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director, said. “We’re looking forward to those crowds of people coming to Sherman County for the second Big Kansas Road Trip. We’ll benefit in so many ways. Road trippers will see what we have to offer while we are just being ourselves. Road trippers will shop, eat, stay, buy gas and souvenirs. They’ll go home with great feelings about our communities’ people and cultures. They’ll tell their friends how wonderful we are to visit and return to see us again.”

Road trip impact will be noticeable

The three counties saw a big road trip impact. At 2018’s event, Kansas Sampler Foundation asked people to report how much money they had spent over the weekend. Not all the road trippers reported their spending. However, 28 road trippers did. The total was over $12,000, an average of $429.16 per person. That road trip impact is definitely a shot in the arm to the local economy!

The Wilmore Carousel reported 428 riders, eight times Wilmore’s population.

The Wilmore Carousel was one of the attractions on the 2018 road trip. The owners asked riders to sign their guestbook. By the end of the weekend, the guestbook had 428 names in it, eight times the community’s population.

If all 428 riders were visitors to the 2018 counties and spent the reported average, they injected $183,680.48 into those communities.

Antique cars in the Greensburg hotel parking lot show road trip impact.

The Wichita antique car club helped fill the Greensburg hotel.

Hotels were sold out

The 2018 road trip’s hotels were full. Their highways and back roads were filled with cars, pickups and motorcycles. Those road trippers included the Wichita antique car club. The members drove their Model T Fords and other early automobiles to events and attractions within the three counties.

The last slice of cherry pie and the last cinnamon roll at Don’s Place in Protection.

Restaurants enjoyed record-setting sales

The 2018 road trip restaurants enjoyed huge traffic. Don’s Place in Protection usually bakes up to six pies a day. During the Road Trip Weekend, the restaurant prepared 13-15 pies each day. He sold out every single day. Buster’s Saloon in Sun City usually smokes three briskets a week. During the road trip, road trippers ate 15 briskets each day. The staff at Crazy Mule Food & Brew in Greensburg were overwhelmed with the amount of business they received. They said Road Trip Weekend was the busiest they’ve been since they opened about three years ago.

Crazy Mule Food & Brews is seeing the positive road trip impact.

The evening before the Big Kansas Road Trip officially began, Kansas Explorers Club members pack Crazy Mule Food & Brews, Greensburg.

Organizations raised funds

Organizations will have a great opportunity to share their stories and gain support. During the 2018 event, nine people bought $50 shares in the community-owned Protection grocery store. The Wilmore community’s lemonade stand raised approximately $600 for their library and St. Jude.

How to be involved

Mark your calendars because we’re going to be busy May 2-5, 2019. To learn more or to be involved, please call Price, the Sherman County road trip chair, 785-890-3515. Email

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