Sherman County CVB meets major publishing company staff at media event

Donna with Meredith Corporation Project Editor at Kansas Media Event

Donna Price, Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director, talks with a Meredith Corporation Project Editor at the Kansas Media Event trade show, Des Moines, Iowa.

Sherman County CVB meets with major publication corporation

Sherman County Convention and Visitors Bureau was one of 11 communities across Kansas represented at the Kansas Media Event at Meredith Corporation’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, April 11-12. Sherman County CVB was also represented as a member of Kansas I-70 Association. Kansas Tourism sponsored the event.

Kansas Tourism at Meredith Corporation's Kansas Media Event

Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau Donna Price, below the second “e” in “meredith”, and Kansas I-70 Association Administrator Roxie Yonkey, underneath the “m”, were among the Kansas travel marketing exhibitors at Kansas Media Event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Spending two days at a major publishing corporation headquarters

The Kansas travel marketing professionals spent two days with the Meredith staff. They met with 34 of Meredith’s editorial staff, including executive, features, project, and style editors; writers; brand managers; design directors and creative directors. They also met some of the corporation’s most senior management. Corporation departments represented included Better Homes & Gardens, Midwest Living, Traditional Home, Diabetic Living, Better Homes & Gardens Quilting and Crafts Group, Meredith Travel Marketing, Meredith Brand Licensing, Meredith Agrimedia and Meredith Test Kitchen.

One Meredith project editor has already come to Sherman County

Numerous Meredith staff members will be coming to our area. One has already come. The first one who visited is a project editor. He came to attractions in Sherman County and along Land and Sky Scenic Byway May 11-12.

“We look forward to having more Meredith staff visit us in the future,” Price said, “and to seeing them tell our story.”

Linda Craghead at Meredith Corporation's Kansas Media Event

Linda Craghead, Assistant Secretary for Parks and Tourism, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, celebrates a welcome sign.

Kansas Media Event

On the first day of the Kansas Media Event, the Kansas group and the staff enjoyed dinner together in Meredith’s show test kitchen. On the second day, the Kansas group set up booths for a trade show.

“We had many wonderful conversations with the Meredith staff,” Sherman County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Donna Price said. “We discussed attractions, agriculture and food in Sherman County and along Land and Sky Scenic Byway.”

Sherman County CVB has exhibited at six trade shows so far this year in partnership with Northwest Kansas Travel Council and Kansas I-70 Association.

Meredith Corporation tour starts

A corporate communications staff member begins the tour for Kansas travel marketing professionals. Price is standing against the wall, third from right.

Learning about Meredith Corporation

After the Kansas Media Event trade show, the Kansas group was treated to an all-access tour of the Des Moines headquarters. The tour included the test kitchens, the wood shop and woodworking projects, the extensive photo studios and prop rooms and the garden.

“The tour was fabulous,” Price said, “and we learned so much.”

Meredith Corporation show kitchen

The tour guide talks in the show kitchen where Meredith Corporation staff and Kansas travel marketing professionals ate an evening meal together.

Each test kitchen staff member has his or her own kitchen with tools that a home cook would have. That ensures home cooks will be able to follow the recipes.

Meredith Corporation's woodworking shop

Meredith Corporation’s woodworking shop tests new projects and develops project plans, including those shown here.

The wood shop makes and exhibits beautiful woodworking projects.

The photo studio has numerous bays set up for food photography. The food shown in photos is exactly what the recipes make. No mashed potatoes substituting for ice cream here.

Tulips bloom in Meredith Corporation's walled garden.

Tulips bloom in Meredith Corporation’s walled garden.

Manufacturers bring tools, food and plants to Meredith for testing. Meredith finds out if the products are as advertised or not.

Meredith employs over 3,800 people in their Des Moines and New York City offices.

The corporation publishes numerous national magazines including Successful Farming, Better Homes & Gardens, Midwest Living, Country Gardens, Eating Well, Family Circle, Martha Stewart Living, My Wedding, Traditional Home, Parents Magazine, Wood Magazine, Rachael Ray Every Day, American Patchwork and Quilting. The corporation purchased and turned the website into a successful magazine. Their most recent publication launch was Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Journal.

The corporation publishes more than 200 specialty publications. They are now the publishers for the official Kansas Travel Guide.

Meredith owns television stations in many of the nation’s major markets. The stations reach nearly 12 million U.S. households.






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