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What to Hunt

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Sherman County pheasant populations remain high. Those driving rural roads can attest to the increased bird populations.

  • Trends — In the 2018 Pheasant Crowing Survey (PDF), Sherman County’s numbers were 21 percent higher than in the 2017 survey numbers.
  • Forecast — Check the updated upland bird hunting forecast. The forecast is usually updated in mid-September.
  • Environmental factors — Pheasant production often depends on the wheat crop. If weather and moisture brings strong early wheat growth, long maturation and later-than-normal harvest, pheasant production will usually be good. Above-average precipitation is usually a good sign of higher pheasant numbers. All these factors have been present in 2018.
  • Seasons — Regular: Nov. 10-Jan. 31. Youth: Nov. 3-4.
  • Limits — Daily bag limit is four cocks in regular season, two in youth season. Possession limit during open season is 16 and four in youth season. Pheasants must retain a foot, plumage or some part that will determine sex.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s pheasant page

Mule deer on scenic hillside


(All dates are 2018 unless otherwise noted and are subject to change.)

Deer draw application deadlines

  • Nonresident Deer Draw — April 27 (final Friday in April)
  • Resident Any-Deer Draw — June 12-July 13
  • Resident Archery and Whitetail Any Season and Hunt-Own-Land Permit — Aug. 1-Dec. 31

Deer seasons

  • Youth and Disability — Sept. 8-16
  • Muzzleloader — Sept. 17-30
  • Archery — Sept. 17-Dec. 31
  • Pre-Rut Whitetail Antlerless — Oct. 6-8, 2019
  • Firearm — Nov. 28-Dec. 9. Firearms season usually begins the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving
  • Firearm Whitetail Antlerless-Only — Jan. 1-6, 2019.

Deer permits FAQs

Q: How many deer permits can a hunter receive?

A: As many as six:

  • One antlered deer permit
  • As many as five antlerless white-tailed deer permits

Q: How many antlered deer permits may one hunter receive?

A: Only one. No hunter may legally harvest more than one antlered deer per year.

Q: What is a Mule Deer Stamp?

A: Nonresidents who draw an archery or muzzleloader nonresident white-tailed deer permit in designated units may apply for one mule deer stamp. If drawn, the applicant’s white-tail permit converts to an either- species/either-sex permit. Mule deer stamps are available in designated Deer Management Units.

Electronic deer check-in




  • Fall Archery/Shotgun — Oct. 1-Nov. 27, Dec. 10-Jan. 31
  • Spring Regular (Firearm/Archery) — April 17-May 31
  • Spring Archery Only — April 8-16
  • Spring Youth/Disabled — April 1-16


Buy permits through Jan. 30. Hunters may hunt only within the permitted Turkey Management Unit. Sherman County south of Interstate 70 is closed for fall.

Bag Limits

  • Fall seasons — One turkey, either sex, per permit or game tag
  • Spring seasons — One turkey with a visible beard per permit or game tag. Dogs are not permitted during spring seasons.

Wild turkey beards must remain naturally attached to the breast while in transit unless the permittee has obtained a transportation confirmation number through electronic registration.


Sherman County Wildlife Area

Walk-In Hunting

Walk-In Hunting Signs

The walk-in hunting access (WIHA) program provides hunting access to private property.

Hunting dates

Fall dates run from Sept. 1-Jan. 31 or Nov. 1-Jan. 31. Other tracts are leased for spring turkey hunting April 1-May 31. All are posted with WIHA signs. Safety zones are clearly marked. Please follow the WIHA rules and be courteous.

Program sites are shown in the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s hunting atlases for spring [PDF] and fall [PDF] seasons.

Download Garmin GPS, Google Earth, text and GE Mobile files of WIHA sites | Obtain an Arc-GIS app for WIHA sites

Hunting Lodges


7580 ROAD 25 • GOODLAND, KS 67735



2725 ROAD 77 • EDSON, KS 67733


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