United Telephone Building

Say hello to United Telephone Building

The United Telephone Building stands at 1003 Main. According to Kansas Sampler Foundation,” it’s one of the state’s most colorful buildings.” Goodland gets a new telephone building Goodland’s United Telephone Building, an Art Deco masterpiece, was built in 1931. At that time, Goodland’s exchange had more than 1,000 telephones. The system was overloaded. Goodland officials…

Grazing longhorns cattle drive

Cattle drive to follow Wallace Branch

Cattle drive moved to actual trail The 2015 Commemorative Great Western Cattle Drive location has been moved!  Due to ever-increasing complexities, the longhorn cattle drive will no longer traverse Goodland’s Main Street but will, instead, occur directly on the documented trail itself. Great Western Cattle Trail’s Wallace Branch passed near the former Bray Post Office.…