2019 Big Kansas Road Trip will come to Sherman County

Kansas Sampler Foundation Director Marci Penner announces the three 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip counties.

Sherman County will be featured in 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip

Roll out the red carpet! Sherman County is one of three counties to be featured in the 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT). Come explore Sherman, Cheyenne and Wallace Counties May 2-5 during the second-annual Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT). The three counties include the 88-mile Land and Sky Scenic Byway. The byway is the nation’s first agriculture-themed byway. The road trip is facilitated by Kansas Sampler Foundation and destination marketing organizations in the three counties.

Welcome to Goodland sign with Giant van Gogh Painting in background. Goodland will welcome 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip in May.

Sherman County will welcome Big Kansas Road Trippers during the first weekend in May.

Sampler Foundation: Be great at being you

Visitors will enjoy attractions, businesses, scenic beauty and experiences of these northwest Kansas counties. Foundation Director Marci Penner said, “We’re thrilled to be bringing this event to the northwest. People can create their own adventures along with hundreds of other people who will be exploring the same area. All we ask of the communities is to be great at being themselves. Just be you.”

Devil's Gap in the Arikaree Breaks. The Breaks are one of the 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip signature attractions.

Devil’s Gap in the Arikaree Breaks

WenDee Rowe, foundation Marketing Director, said, “We want to get people into places in Kansas that might not be as well known. The Arikaree Breaks in Cheyenne County, the Giant van Gogh Painting in Sherman County, Mount Sunflower and Fort Wallace in Wallace County are just a few places that Kansas Explorers will be excited to come see.” Penner added, “All of these counties have much more to offer than what we listed.”

People will choose what they want to do and when. There will be no organized caravan or a single itinerary. People can just go enjoy whatever suits them whenever they want.

“We are so excited to host the second Big Kansas Road Trip,” Sherman County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Donna Price said. “We are looking forward to showing off our communities to the state and nation during the road trip. We’re going to have a terrific time!”

Fromme-Birney Round Barn, Mullinville, Kan.

Many people came to visit the Fromme-Birney Round Barn near Mullinville. The barn is not visible from the highway, but road trippers found it. The barn hosted several BKRT events.

Exploring Kansas is addictive

The initial BKRT was very successful. Hundreds of people attended the 2018 BKRT in Barber, Comanche and Kiowa Counties. Penner said, “Many restaurants had their best sales weekend ever. Retail businesses and many attractions did well, also. The main goal was to give people first-hand experiences and to help them get addicted to exploring Kansas.”

Price and bureau Public Relations Manager Roxie Yonkey both attended the 2018 BKRT. “We saw so many people enjoying their exploration of the three featured counties,” Price said. “We enjoyed seeing the attractions and meeting the people that made those counties special. They did a great job of hosting the people who came to visit them. We’re looking forward to showcasing our attractions and people next year.”

Contact Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau to become involved

Price will chair the Sherman County portion of the road trip. Kansas Sampler Foundation and Sherman County Convention and Visitors Bureau will be working with community groups and organizations to showcase Sherman County during the road trip. Please contact the bureau at 785-890-3515 to volunteer or ask questions. The bureau will also be working with the neighboring counties to provide the best experience for locals and guests.

In the next few months, Penner and Rowe will facilitate a meeting in each county. They will explain the criteria for being involved in the 2019 Big Kansas Road Trip and the process to move things forward. “The reaction to the first BKRT was phenomenal,” said Penner. “Those who attended are already making plans to attend the 2019 version.” When Penner predicted 2019’s BKRT will be an “epic” road trip.

Our communities have a fabulous opportunity to show off. Let’s pull together and make the most of it. Please contact the bureau office to volunteer to help with the road trip or for more information. Call 785-890-3515 or email donna@visitgoodland.com. Please use #bigkansasroadtrip on all social media accounts.

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